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I’m “On Hold” with my cell phone provider — right now …

By August 6, 2017 general, thoughts to ponder

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It is 9:11 a.m. and I am “on hold” with my cell phone provider …. It just drives me crazy that it is so difficult to contact any service-provider – by phone.  Now, I can’t even connect with my cell phone service-provider – by phone.

It is not that I don’t want to use their website to solve my problem.  The problem I am trying to resolve – (one of them) – is that I can’t get onto my on-line account.

I am on the endless circuit …  you know the one …  press “1 ” if you want to pay your bill  …  press “2” if you want to order a new phone ….. then at the end of each level they remind me how much easier it would be if only I would go on-line !!!

Finally I am at …. “Due to high call volume there will be a long wait – but we are anxious to help you” ….

I have been listening to their music for over 10 minutes now.  Add that to the 20 minutes I spent trying to get on-line – change my password – link my account  – and then get told that my account is linked to another email address – one that I cannot access …. Aggghhhh!!!!

Success at last … I am now talking to a polite young man who wants to help me.  I explain that I do have an actual problem with the data consumption but my first and biggest problem is that I can’t access my account on-line.

I have called them about this problem before but they are never able to solve my problem.  The account was originally linked to a work email that I no longer have access to.  If I could just get into my account – I could change the email address.  Do I hear Catch-22, anybody?

But good news!! Today he tells me this is not a big problem – it can be easily fixed.  Then suddenly I hear,  …. “Hello?  Hello? … Can you hear me?

I keep saying, … “Yes, I can hear you” …..  “I can hear you loud and clear” …  but all I hear back is, “Hello?  Hello? … Can you hear me?

I can’t believe it.  Now that now that I have finally connected with someone who thinks he can solve my problem — I am going to get disconnected and have to start all over. “Hello?  … Hello? …

This has now gone on for  so long I almost disconnect the line myself  … but then we have a break though – he is there!!!! I can hear him – and he can hear me.

We are ready to do business.

And more amazing yet  — he actually solves my problem and I can access my account.  Now I can monitor things like data usage.

Now to the mystery of why our 20 gigabites of data — that is normally sufficient for 5 people for a month — has been gobbled up in eight days.

He identifies the phone that is sucking up all the data and tells me it is all being used in the middle of the night.  That seems weird … I can’t imagine why he is running data on his phone in the middle of the night but I will get it stopped.

Now I have to figure out how to get more data for the rest of the month.  Our cell phone provided sends a message to the main line when data usage is running low.  It gives the opportunity to get more data for the month for a very cheap rate.

It is my husband, Kerry, who gets that message – the least technically savvy person on the family plan.

But he either doesn’t see the text … or can’t read it … or doesn’t recognize the number and just ignores it.  And our provider will NOT change the main line to be my phone – or anyone else’s – only Kerry can get the message.

Anyone else on the plan would frantically respond  – saying – YES –  YES  – give us lots more data for cheap.  Oh well, anther problem for another day.

Now that we have gone over our plan – the only solution is to increase the plan on a monthly basis.  So that is what I had to do.

Now I just have to make sure the gobbling phone is corrected and remember to change back to the lower plan when the month is over.

That means ….. agghhhh ….. another phone call to change the plan.

It is now 10:57 a.m.  Just about two full hours start to finish.  How do people deal with this if they cannot simply sit on the phone for two hours?

Oh yeah – the data was being consumed by some App that would kick in, in the middle of the night.  The culprit just deleted that App.  Hopefully problem solved.

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Have you ever bought something from an on-line hawker?

By July 27, 2017 general, thoughts to ponder

I like to shop on-line.  Yeah …. Amazon loves me ….!  I like to buy things on-line because I don’t have to go to a store and they deliver the product to my door.  If I’m looking for something that would be too heavy to carry out to my car — I just go on-line.  Hello new lawn mower / chest freezer / exercise bike.  It’s so easy.

But every once in a while, I find myself lured into one of those … “but just wait!!!!” …  kind of sites.

I recently found myself  watching a video of a guy hinting about some very interesting information he could tell me about a health issue I was researching.  It was one of those videos that just goes on and on and has no option to fast-forward to the punch line.   Any good sales person knows that you should STOP as soon as you get – “YES“.

Well this guy would have gotten my – “YES” – very early but I had to keep listening waiting to find out how to buy – and then when the “BUY NOW” button finally showed up — I could still hear him yapping away on the previous page while I was trying to actually buying the product.

So I bought a book – at a pretty reasonable price (under $50.00) and it would be delivered to my via email so no waiting. And he had convinced me that I really wanted this information.  So everything is good – right?

The minute I made my purchase – other offers started popping up – one after another.  They were for similar products about other health issues — only now they were available at this time only and each one now cost hundreds of dollars.

Now that they had my credit card information I felt like I had to read through all the fine print and then state clearly – ‘No Thanks …. I don’t want your great offer‘.  I had to do that about a half a dozen times before it all ended and I could finalize my purchase.

Meanwhile the original video was still running and that guy was still trying to encourage me to BUY.  There has to be something wrong with a system that does not stop when you get the sale!

I clicked x to close down the site and immediately a menu popped up asking if I really wanted to leave this page.  I assured them that I did want to exit — and immediately another message popped up.

It read:  OK – OK, you can have it for $35.00!!!!” 

I did a big double take — shook my head and thought, “whaaaat?”  You mean if I had just held off a bit …. this amazing offer …. not available in any store …. would not have disappeared, but would  have been about ten dollars cheaper??????

So I had a little chuckle and hit the “Yes – I really do want to leave this page” button.  Only to receive another message saying:  Alright – alright … you got us – we will let you have it for $25.00″ !!!

Now I am not just saying “Whaaaaattttt” !!!!!  I am actually adding a “T” and an “F” to the end of that “W”.

(Is it permissible to say WTF in a blog? — whatever — you guys all get the point by this time.)

So if I just had just been a tougher customer, I could have gotten the same product for about half the price.

But my question remains — Why would you make that offer to someone who had already paid ??????

I think they need to work on their web-site.

For me the comic-relief was worth the extra Twenty bucks I paid.  I am still laughing about it two days later.

And – incidentally –  it is two days later and I still haven’t read any of the information I purchased.  It is all saved on my desktop, waiting for some day when I again have an inclination to read about that health issue.


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